Nielsen Measurement FAQ

Futuri Streaming and Futuri Mobile apps support Nielsen's digital measurement SDK (software development kit) for stations in PPM markets, allowing these platforms to send listening data back to Nielsen. This article will answer some frequently asked questions about the way Nielsen interacts with your Futuri platform.

What do I need to do to make sure the Nielsen SDK is actively reporting from my Futuri platform(s)?

During the initial setup process, Futuri will typically work with Nielsen's digital measurement team to obtain your station's unique Nielsen IDs required for reporting through their SDK. These IDs will be unique to your stream, and will typically not be the same IDs that your broadcast uses with Nielsen.

If you're not sure whether Nielsen was integrated with your Futuri Streaming or Futuri Mobile platform, feel free to contact Futuri VIP Support to be sure.

Does the Nielsen SDK's measurement only apply to PPM panelists, or to all listeners on my Futuri platform(s)?

The Nielsen SDK's measurement is separate from PPM panelist data, and the SDK reports all listening back to Nielsen.

These results may be represented differently for different types of stations:

  • Stations that are 100% simulcast (i.e. same commercials on both broadcast and stream) - Nielsen SDK results will count toward broadcast ratings, but at a different ratio than PPM listening.
  • Stations that run ad insertion - Nielsen SDK results will be counted separately (either as "WXXX-Streaming" or on another line).

If you have questions about how Nielsen SDK results are reported/presented for your specific station, please contact your Nielsen rep directly.

If users listen to my stream or Futuri Mobile app in headphones, does that count toward PPM?

Remember that PPM measurement is different from measurement through the Nielsen SDK. Headphone use does not affect the SDK's ability to report listening through Futuri Streaming or Futuri Mobile.

PPM meters can measure wired headphone use if those headphones are physically routed through the meter with an adapter. As far as wireless (bluetooth) headphones and speakers, PPM cannot measure that in most cases because of the way bluetooth pairing works.

Again, the Nielsen SDK will report listening regardless of whether users are using headphones or bluetooth speakers.

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