Futuri Application & Hardware Security

Some Futuri software and hardware connects directly with our partner's automation systems and networks in order to create seamless product integrations and effortless listener experiences.  See below for more information on how these systems operate with secure connections.


Used with Futuri Tether and Mobile products

Echo neither registers for, nor solicits inbound traffic.  It operates behind a station's firewall, running on a windows computer owned and managed by the station.  Its communications are outbound on port 80.  All communications are via HTTP posts or gets, via authenticated connection.


Used with Futuri Streaming and POST products

The streaming transmitter connects to the internal LAN for Now Playing and the internet for posting segments and metadata outbound via secure connection to AWS.  There is an SSH connection made between the transmitter and AWS which is used for remote management.  This SSH connection is established by the transmitter and not Futuri. This remote management ability allows Futuri Support to remotely diagnose and correct any software issues, as well as provide configuration and software updates.  This connection is limited to Futuri office IP addresses and ssh access to AWS by designated developers and support personnel.

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