Web Control Voting Sessions

"Web Control" voting sessions are manually activated through the Futuri Control Room without the need to be pre-scheduled in your daily music log. While most stations prefer to automate voting sessions, your station may find that Web Control voting sessions work better for your needs, and you can also run a mix of both.

Here are some reasons that stations may choose to use Web Control voting sessions:

  • If your automation system does not integrate with Tether in a way that makes automatic voting sessions possible
  • If you want to spontaneously run voting sessions for a special event.
  • If you want your LIVE DJ to be able to pick the songs, rather than pre-scheduling them.

Web Control voting sessions are disabled by default, but you can contact Futuri VIP Support to have them enabled for your station.

Once Web Control has been enabled for your station, you'll find it in the Futuri Control Room under Voting Sessions > Start Web Control VS. If you don't see this option, log out and log back in.

On that page, you can type in the songs you want to pit against each other. You can use any song that your station has played on-air since integrating with Tether, and the search results will auto-complete. You can also click Add Song if you want to enter more than three options.

NOTE: If you want to add a song that your station has not played before, you'll need to add it to our system first. You can do this under Instant Request Songs > Playlist at the bottom of the page.

Once you've selected all of your songs, you can click Start Voting Session to IMMEDIATELY start the voting session in your station's Tether voting window. If you have configured your voting sessions to post on Facebook and/or Twitter, they will post right away when you click that button.

You'll then be able to view the results as they come in (or you can come back to them later under Voting Sessions > Live Results.

The voting session will end when one of the following happens:

  • One of the vote options plays on air.
  • You click Cancel Voting Session on the results page.
  • Six hours have passed. This rule is in place to close voting sessions that may have accidentally been left open. If you need to expand that six-hour limit, please contact Futuri VIP Support.
NOTE: Because Web Control voting sessions are designed to be executed spontaneously, it is not currently possible to pre-schedule them in the Futuri Control Room.

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