Using “The Rundown” Feature

You can create your show prep list right inside of TopicPulse using The Rundown. Simply click “The Rundown” tab on the right side of the screen to get started. 

The Rundown lets you add stories and IdeaStarters™ into The Rundown by dragging and dropping them right into a show prep list.

 Once you’ve added a story and/or IdeaStarter to The Rundown, you can:

  • Click the title of the story and/or IdeaStarter to view an instant analysis of the story - which gives you the data behind why the story is trending and with whom
  • Create notes by clicking the “create note” icon above every story and/or IdeaStarter - which will also display the username of the individual who created the note 
  • View the contents of an IdeaStarter by clicking the “light bulb” above each IdeaStarter
  • Remove a story and/or IdeaStarter by clicking the red “X’ next to each addition

Need to prep for the next day or the next week, no problem. You can create a show prep list for any day by clicking on the “date” tab on the top left. Prepping for the midday show? Simply scroll down to add stories and/or IdeaStarters™ to any hourly slot. 

You can also click the “time” tab to navigate to a different time slot.  Unless you elect to delete a story and/or IdeaStarters™ by clicking the “x” next to it, it will remain on your station's list forever. So users can go back a week, a month or whenever, and see what was discussed on the show.  

We wanted to ensure you’ve got all the hottest trending stories on your Rundown, so we added the "What's Missing" feature. 

Simply click the "What's Missing" button and it will display:

  • The top five trending stories with your listeners that are not already included in your Rundown, with the ability to open the instant analysis of the title
  • Drag and drop the stories from the “What am I missing” feature directly into your list
  • The top five stories are constantly changing as the trends with your audience change 

Want to share with your entire team? No worries. The Rundown is viewable to all users listed on your TopicPulse account. The Rundown can also be:

  • Printed - By clicking the “Print” button at the bottom right
  • Share via email - By clicking the “Share” button at the bottom left 

You can also take The Rundown to a full screen by clicking the “expand” button on the top left. This is a great option for displaying The Rundown for today’s show right inside the studio. 

And there you have it - show prep redefined!


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