Zetta Integration Troubleshooting - for Futuri Mobile & Tether

Zetta did not delete the losing songs in my "UPick"-style voting session.

There are several possible causes for this:

  • Zetta Crowd Interface not running
  • Voicetracks are bordering the LDR Vote Options Start or LDR Vote Options End (as Zetta may not modify content around voicetracks).
  • Extra elements, like imaging, were inserted into the voting session.
  • The UPickStart is more than 2 hours before the end of the voting session. Zetta will only execute voting sessions if they are shorter than 2 hours.

Zetta is inserting songs in my Top Song, Takeover, or FaceOff sessions that are not part of my active playlist.

It is likely that the song being fed back to Zetta from Futuri was invalid in Zetta for some reason, so Zetta inserted a song from its Fill Category instead (see the next paragraph). The song Futuri was feeding Zetta may have been deleted, given a new internal ID somehow, or be out of date. Futuri VIP Support can tell you what song we WERE sending, and then RCS Support can help you to pinpoint why that song is considered "invalid" by Zetta.

Zetta's GS Fill Category Group is used with Takeover processing and is managed in the Zetta Crowd Interface's Station Config tab. With this option, you can select a GSelector Category Group to use to fill in case of emergency such as a loss of internet connectivity (or an invalid song being returned by Futuri). Choosing a GSelector Category will allow the system to select a song to fill, from GSelector, in case of an emergency so that a log does not go unfilled. You will want to make sure the Category or Category Group contains suitable backup songs.

Zetta is not inserting winning songs in my Top Song, Takeover, or FaceOff sessions at all.

Because Zetta has Fill Category functionality, it should always fill SOMETHING as long as you have the Fill Category configured and have valid songs in that Category, even in the case of internet connectivity.

If the Fill Category is configured and Zetta is still not inserting winning songs, it is likely that the Zetta Crowd Interface is not running.

If the Zetta Crowd Interface IS running, and it still isn't inserting songs, please contact RCS Support for further assistance.

I received an email from Futuri VIP Support saying "No Logs Received."

If Futuri has not received your log for the date specified, it means that we will not be able to activate "UPick"-style voting sessions for that day until we receive a log. It may be worth noting that Zetta should still delete "losing" songs to keep you running on time, but users will not be able to participate in the session.

If you use Top Song, Takeover, or FaceOff, your music logs are also used for forward separation (to make sure we don't insert a song into Zetta that is already pre-scheduled).

For all stations, music logs also help us to send listener alerts BEFORE users' requests play on air (so they have time to turn on the radio).

If you receive a "No Logs Received" email from Futuri VIP Support, you can open the Station Config tab in the Zetta Crowd Interface and click Repush Music to re-send the log to Futuri. Futuri VIP Support can then confirm whether we've received the log file.

It is also worth noting that Zetta will re-send the day's log once an hour, so if it is not successful when it first sends (at 10pm local time), it will try again each hour overnight, so by the time you investigate the next morning, Zetta may have already successfully transferred a copy of the day's log to Futuri.

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