SS32 Integration Troubleshooting - for Futuri Mobile & Tether

My log in SS32 should have placeholders for winning songs, but it doesn't.

In order for placeholders to be inserted into your log, the log must pass through Echo's input folder.

Echo's station.xml file contains a path, and your music scheduler should export to that path. Echo will then modify the original log to insert the placeholders and will place that modified log in the folder, which is what SS32 reads from.

My log isn't available to import in SS32 after I export it from my music scheduler.

When your log is exported from your music scheduler, Echo will place it in SS32's import folder after it parses it. If this does not happen, make sure that Echo is running.

If Echo is indeed running, you may want to try another export from your music scheduler.

It’s also possible that Futuri's web servers were unable to read the log because it is not formatted the way it normally is. Check for different formatting and/or stray characters at the beginning or end of the text file.

My placeholders aren't updating, so the same songs are playing that played yesterday.

Make sure that Echo is running and that you have played the necessary command to start the voting (i.e. UPickStart, Begin Top Song, or Begin Song Replacement).

If Echo is running and you have played the correct command to start the voting, make sure the command meets the following criteria:

  • Has at least 1 second of duration before it segues
  • Is named exactly the way it's supposed to be
  • Is saved in the LDR category (and the LDR category is marked as music in SS32)
  • If the cart is a rotator, the individual cuts also need to meet the above length and naming criteria

Next, check your Dispatch server under D:\audio\ldr\inbox, and make sure that the folder is empty. Sometimes files can get backed up in that folder, indicating that SS32's "copy" process has crashed. Deleting the contents of this folder should cause SS32 to be able to begin copying again.

If everything looks correct on your end, there may be some sort of connectivity issue happening, or there may be a problem with the playlist that Futuri has on file for your station. Please contact Futuri VIP Support. It may be helpful to provide the .AIR and .SKD files from SS32 for the day in question.

My voting session winners say "UPickWinner" in the artist field, or have nothing in the artist field at all.

There is a setting in SS32 under Optns / Configuration / System / Refresh Artist Label When Cued that needs to be "checked" in order for SS32 to update the artist field when a new winner is copied into a placeholder.

SS32 may need to be restarted in order for this change to take effect.

The voicetracks that surround my placeholders aren’t playing consistently.

If a voicetrack is joined to a placeholder and the placeholder is updated by Echo, SS32 realizes that it is not the song that is supposed to be played and it drops the voicetrack.

To avoid this, the voicetrack’s type should be “JN” (“join neither”) rather than the more widely used JB, JU, or JD.

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