Compare Screen

TopicPulse's Compare Screen allows you to compare topics side-by-side to see which topics are hottest with your target audience. Comparing topics can help you prioritize which topics to cover. For example, if you see multiple topics around a similar theme (i.e. the same celebrity), you can gather them in the Compare Screen to see which ones have the highest engagement, best growth, etc.

The Compare button can be found in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen.

When the page first loads, you'll see the Add or Remove Topics menu. You can either enter search terms to find topics, or add topics from one of your Topic Lists. Once you've selected your topics, you'll see them displayed side by side (and you can change these topics later by clicking the "Add or Remove Topics" button).

Above the title of each topic, you can see how many categories that topic is strongest in, such as:

  • Highest number of sources
  • Highest percentage of growth over various time periods
  • Highest engagement level
  • Highest number of photos or videos available

You can then visually see the differences in each topic's growth chart, audience appeal, engagement level, and available sources.

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