Futuri Mobile Front-End Customizations

This article will outline the configurable text options in most Futuri Mobile apps for radio. All of the customizations on this page can be made without an app update, although users may need to close / re-open the app before seeing the changes take place.

For feature-specific front-end text customizations, see each feature's article in the Futuri VIP Support Center.

Color Customizations

When you first set up your Futuri Mobile App, the initial setup form will allow you to choose your app's primary colors. However, if you need to make color changes later, you can send those specific changes to Futuri VIP Support. The following positions can easily be re-colored without an app upgrade:

  • Background color for the player (at the top of the app) and the bottom nav
  • Text and icons in the top/bottom nav area
  • Status bar text color (iOS only), will either be black or white
  • Page headers
  • Primary button colors (i.e. main menu buttons)
  • Secondary button colors (i.e. Facebook login button)

When you request a color change from Futuri VIP Support, it's helpful to specify the hex colors you'd like to use. If you don't know which hex colors you'd like to use, an example of the color you're looking for is a great start.

Home and Nav Buttons

The name of each button in the Home Screen's main menu can be customized.

Most menu buttons' titles and optional subtitles can be customized in the Futuri Control Room under Mobile App > Main Menu. If you'd like to customize a button's title and don't see it in the Futuri Control Room, Futuri VIP Support can help you to change the title of that button.

In addition to the standard menu buttons, you can create Custom Menu Links in the Futuri Control Room under Mobile App > Custom Menu Links. These Custom Menu Links are ideal for long-term features, morning show bits, and sponsored pages.

The order of your main menu buttons can be re-configured as well, by emailing Futuri VIP Support.

For a consistent user experience, we would not recommend re-ordering your app's main menu buttons often. If you have a short-term feature that you would like to "push to the top of the app" we would recommend using the Audience Alerts feature, specifically "Cool Alerts".

If you need to schedule a button's text to change at a certain time (for dayparted features, for example), Futuri VIP Support can schedule a button's text to change at specified times for you. To set this up, just email Futuri VIP Support with the default button text you want to use, the temporary button text to schedule, and when that temporary text should start and end.

The nav buttons across the bottom of your Futuri Mobile app are also customizable. For most apps, this bottom nav bar will initially have four shortcut buttons, but we can add a fifth if requested, and we can customize the name and icon for each button. To do this, please contact Futuri VIP Support.

Page Headers

The headers for each page of your Futuri Mobile app are customizable. The most commonly changed headers are available in the Futuri Control Room, and the rest can be changed by emailing Futuri VIP Support.

PageWhere to manage header text:
Main MenuFuturi Control Room: Mobile App > Main Menu
Recently Added SongsFuturi Control Room: Mobile App > Main Menu
Now PlayingFuturi Control Room: Mobile App > Now Playing
Vote/PlaylistFuturi Control Room: Mobile App > Playlist
WeatherFuturi Control Room: Mobile App > Weather
All other page headersEmail Futuri VIP Support

Now Playing Display

For music stations, Now Playing data is displayed in two different places in the app.

The one-line Now Playing display in the top player section of the app is fed by your stream itself. Your IT/digital team can customize the messages that accompany your stream's output. When the player is not receiving metadata from your stream, it will display text saying "You're listening to [station name]." If you need to change this default metadata, please email Futuri VIP Support.

The full Now Playing page (usually one of your bottom nav options) shows artist/title metadata as received by Futuri from your automation system, as well as album art for each song. When Futuri is not receiving Now Playing information from your automation system, a window will be displayed on this page, directing users to the Vote/Playlist screen. This placeholder text can be modified in the Futuri Control Room under Mobile App > Now Playing. If you would like to daypart this placeholder text (to display the name of the currently airing specialty show, for example), please email Futuri VIP Support to have this set up for you.

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