POST: Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I log into POST?

Please bookmark this link to log into POST: Click here for help selecting your station. If you need access to any additional stations, please contact VIP Support.

There are no segments in my POST Audio timeline.  What do I do?  

If your station uses a transmitter, your hardware may be disconnected from power or internet, or there may be a problem with the metadata export from your automation system.   

Gen 4 Transmitter Troubleshooting

Gen 3 Transmitter Troubleshooting

If your station uses a soft encoder, check that your station's stream has audio and now playing metadata.  

If these steps do not resolve the problem, contact VIP Support for further assistance.  

My episode was not published on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.  How do I fix it?

Your episode will be published automatically on your Facebook page, Twitter account, or YouTube channel if you have an authorized connection with the account(s) and select them when publishing your episode.  Additionally, episodes must be under 30 minutes to create and publish a basic video on YouTube.

These social media platforms often require that you refresh your connection to POST.  The best way to do that is to delete your existing connection(s) in the Setup tab and then follow these directions to reauthorize your account(s).  Please note that you must be a POST admin user to set up publishing destinations.

How long is my station's audio stored in POST?

You can access the last 30 days of audio in POST.

How do I create a user with access to multiple stations?

Contact VIP Support to create a standard or admin user with multiple station access.


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