POST: Best Practices

These POST Best Practices offer useful tips and ideas to help you grab your listeners' attention.

Best Practices

Daily Show Promos

Useful in creating "Quick Hit" audio on social media and the station's webpage. This is extremely useful in promoting your shows and driving listeners from your social media back to the radio station.

Morning Show and station benchmarks

This is useful in creating high-interest content on a daily basis. Do not frustrate your audience, by making them listen to an entire show just to hear their favorite show feature.


Divided into easily "digestible" clips, or longer versions which include "extras/bonus content" that did not make it on the air during broadcast.

Creativity using POST: 

Upload and manage any original, off-air content that you create.
Post local high school sports, and activities.

Online Morning Show: Put your entire morning show online.

If our station is PPM encoded, any listening that occurs within one day gets full PPM credit. 
It is strongly suggested that you add a unique image for each featured segment that you post, content with an image other than the station logo or personality photo is 184% more likely to catch the attention of the listener. 
It is highly recommended that you use (Pre and Post Roll Bumpers) for sponsor mentions before and after every feature. POST Planner allows you to setup different (Pre and Post roll audio) for each show and every feature.

Copy Examples

Hey folks, the show does not have to end here - join us for "The After Party" at where we will go behind the curtain with some of the things we were unable to cover on the air. See you at 10am on

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