TopLine - Digital Analysis Key Terms

The key term definitions below can be helpful when interpreting TopLine Digital Analysis reports.

Google’s Core Web Vitals - measure a page's “health” in terms of user experience. The 3 metrics include: content loading speed; interactivity; visual stability.

  • Largest Contentful Paint - measures the time for the largest visual piece on your webpage to load. Under 2.5 seconds is good, 2.5-4 sec needs work, and 4+ is poor.
  • First Input Delay - measures website reaction times after a user interacts with it. The standard is under 100 milliseconds.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift - measures how web features move as a website loads. A shift of 0.1 inches is adequate; under 0.25 inches needs work. This is the toughest to optimize.

H1 Tags - indicate important headings or titles on a webpage (one per page).

Meta Tags - provide a summary detailing the contents of a webpage for search engines. Should be 70 – 320 characters.

Title Tags - details the subject matter on a webpage. Title tags should be between 10-70 characters.

Tap Targets - areas of a webpage where mobile users can touch to create a new action.

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