POST: Configuring Audio Categories

This article will cover the configuration of POST categories and how the audio elements are displayed. In order for audio elements to be labeled correctly within POST, your different automation "categories/types" will need to be defined on the Categories page of Classic POST. 

During the implementation of your POST account, your onboarding team will place some common categories in the right positions for you.  However, you may want to revisit this information periodically to confirm the accuracy and completeness, as any new categories/types sent from your automation system will need to be manually categorized in POST.

The Categories page displays which automation types are assigned to which categories, allowing you to drag unassigned types to the correct location.

Note:There are numerous configuration options available when editing a category however, most of the options should only be changed with the guidance of Futuri VIP Support. 
However, you are free to adjust the screen color to your liking, or create categories using the "Create New" button at the top right corner of the screen.

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