Voice - Updating Your Alexa Skill

Need to make a change to your Alexa skill?  No problem.  Follow these easy steps to update your custom skill.

  1. Contact VIP Support at vipsupport@futurimedia.com to let us know what you would like to update and we will unlock your Asset Collection page in Control Room for your use.
  2. Once the form is unlocked, navigate to Asset Collection under the Alexa Skills section in your Control Room account.  
  3. From there, you can edit any of the fields that you would like to update with new content.
  4. Once your updates are complete, make sure to click the Save button at the bottom AND the blue Submit to Futuri button at the top to notify us of your intended changes.
  5. Some updates, such as changes to the Skill Display Name, Invocation Name, Short Description or images, will require a rebuild and resubmission of the skill to Amazon. Once your updates are received, Futuri VIP Support will determine if a rebuild is needed and take care of that process, which can take up to a week for Amazon to approve.
NOTE:  If you change your invocation, Futuri will create a new skill for you and only the updated invocation will display on your Alexa skill listing.  However, existing listeners will still be able to access your skill using the former invocation, so that there is no interruption in their ability to stream your content. 

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