Updating Your TopicPulse Instant Video Brand

Need to make a change to your TopicPulse Instant Video branding?  No problem.  To learn about the full array of options available watch the video below, or read on for the quick start guide to updating your default logos or colors.

After logging into TopicPulse, navigate to the Instant Video section.

Then, click on My Videos.

Next, click on My Brand.

Your Brand Kit section will open where you can click on any item to update your logos and colors or add fonts.

For the logo files, please make sure they meet the following requirements:

  • png format
  • transparent background
  • RGB color mode
  • white color
  • Intro & Outro Logo:  800x800px recommended
  • Corner Logo: 150x150px recommended

For colors, it is best to enter the specific hex code for your brand to make sure it is a perfect match.

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