New POST - Publishing Video to YouTube

With POST, you can automatically publish your Basic or Advanced videos directly to your YouTube channel.  Watch this tutorial or follow the directions below to learn how to integrate your YouTube account to POST and publish with the click of a button!

Authorizing YouTube in POST

To get started, log into POST and navigate to SETTINGS and then go to the LINEUP PLANNER page. Click EDIT DEFAULTS and click the NEXT button twice to get to the POST OPTIONS page. 

On this page, select EDIT YOUTUBE next to YOUTUBE.

In the same browser, log in to your YouTube account.  Then, back in POST, click to AUTHORIZE YOUTUBE ACCOUNT.  Once the account is authorized, enter the channel title, and click the SAVE button to save the connection.   You may then edit or delete an account from this same screen.

Publishing to YouTube

Now on to creating and posting content from POST directly to YouTube.

Create your podcast in POST, as usual.  When you are ready to publish your podcast, select either the BASIC or ADVANCED Video option to create the video.

Then, select the YOUTUBE export option.

Publish your podcast.

You will see a light grey icon next to the episode indicating that the video is rendering.

Once the video is complete and the video is exported to YouTube, this icon will turn from light grey to dark grey.

You can download the video by clicking the ellipsis and selecting "download video".

Your completed video podcast is now published to YouTube.

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