Best Practices for Placing Tether On iHeartMedia Sites

With iHeartMedia's new mobile-first web template, the best practices for embedding Tether on an iHeartMedia site have recently changed. This article will walk through the best ways to make sure users can find Tether on your site and take advantage of its powerful features.

There are three steps to effectively placing Tether on your station site:

Embed Tether to a "Content" Page

Futuri VIP Support can provide your station's #engage embed code (or you may have received it in an email with a link to this page). Create a Content page using the admin tool in your website backend. If you don't have access to do this directly, you can email your embed code (as well as the feature name and a graphic or text description) to

Set Up an Easy-to-Share URL

On the air, it's important to be able to easily direct listeners to your station's site with a simple URL (like "Pick the iHeartCountry Most Wanted at").

Using the URL of your features page, use the Page Redirection Tool and set up a short URL that can be promoted on-air and on social media. It's best to match this with the brand name that you're using for the feature on the air. For more information about setting up redirects, click here (link only accessible to iHeart staff).

There are three recommended places to link to your Tether page from your station's homepage:

We'd recommend putting a link to Tether in the navigation structure, either under the "Music" or "Features" drop-down or as its own drop-down. This is the most accessible place for Tether to be found on mobile devices.

Dynamic Lead

You can place Tether in your dynamic lead with a great graphic and call-to-action. Below is an example from Q104.3 in New York:

Station Promotions

Add an item to the Station Promotions section of your homepage. Upload a square image (at least 200x200), and supply a title and link to the page you created. You can find more about setting up station promotions items here (link only accessible to iHeart staff).

Special thanks to Rob Rowe and team at iHeartMedia for their help with this documentation. For additional information about managing your iHeartMedia site, please contact

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