Posting Voting Sessions on Social Media

Tether "UPick" voting sessions can be posted on Facebook or Twitter and will link back to your station's site to vote. This is a great way to grow the social reach of your voting sessions and bring users back to your station website to participate,


Posting Voting Sessions to Twitter

If your station's Twitter account is not already linked to Futuri, click here for setup instructions.

Once your station Twitter handle is integrated with Futuri's system, you can just tell Futuri VIP Support to turn on voting session tweets for your station, and if desired, provide a custom template. Below are the default templates:

  • Default - #WhatShouldPlayNext on [STATION]? [LIST OF ARTISTS]? Vote @ [LINK] #np
  • All songs by the same artist - Which [ARTIST] song should play next on [STATION]? Vote @ [LINK] #np
  • Short template (when the artist names don't fit in 140 characters)- #WhatShouldPlayNext on [STATION]? Vote @ [LINK] #np 

Each tweet will also include an animated .gif that rotates through the album art of the song choices.

Voting session tweets (and their templates) can also be dayparted if needed. That functionality is also handled by Futuri VIP Support.

Posting Voting Sessions to Facebook

You can post voting sessions to your Facebook page using the following steps:

  1. First, make sure you have authorized your Facebook page in the Tether Dashboard using these instructions.
  2. Then, click the Return to Control Room button to go to the Futuri Control Room.
  3. Navigate to #WHATSHOULDPLAYNEXT > Facebook Integration.
  4. Under Post Title, type what you want the large header text in the Facebook post to say. Example: "You select the next song on KISS FM! Click here!"
  5. Under Post Caption, type what you want the grey text under the link to say. Keep in mind links won't work in this position. Example: "Star 92.9 - Playing the 90's to NOW!"
  6. Under Post Body, type the description that will appear above the link. Use %a1, %a2, and %a3 as placeholders for the artists in the voting session. Our system will insert the artists when the voting session happens. Example: "What should play next? %a1, %a2, or %a3? Vote now!"
  7. Click Save and all future voting sessions will go out on your page!

Some notes on this Facebook integration:

  • Facebook does not support the ability to send images with these posts. Instead, we would recommend using Open Graph Markup directly on your station's site with an image that can be used for posts like these. If you add Open Graph Markup and your changes aren't being reflected in your Facebook voting session posts, try to use Facebook's Sharing Debugger tool, which will trigger Facebook to crawl your station's site again.
  • You don't need to insert an actual link when you put this together. We will automatically link the post to the page on your website that contains the Tether voting window.
  • If you'd like to daypart these posts (so only SOME of your voting sessions are posted on Facebook), please contact Futuri VIP Support. We'd recommend doing this if you run a lot of voting sessions every day, to prevent Facebook's algorithms from clumping all the posts together in users' news feeds.

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