New POST - Shows

This article is part of a four-part series that covers the POST menu:

This interface displays all existing SHOWS currently active in your library. Upon completion of the article you will be able to:

  • Review, Search, Edit Existing and/or Create New Shows
  • Chat with Futuri Support agent

New POST - Selecting Station

Note: that the appropriate station"Branding" is clearly displayed on the top right corner of your screen. This is useful for those of you managing multiple stations. By clicking the "Drop-down" box and selecting from your list of available station(s) you have the ability to manage/manipulate multiple station media simultaneously.

Locating Existing Shows:

Search Featurethe search feature allows you to scroll through multiple pages or search by a SHOW Name.

SHOWS - Search feature


POST - Shows

Clicking the “NEW SHOW” button:

Opens the CREATE NEW SHOW window, (enter the title and description).

SHOWS - Create New Show

Note: If for any reason you failed to complete either field, POST will warn you to complete the Title/Description. Click OK to close the warning message and complete the missing information.

Clicking the “CREATE” button:  

Opens the "New Show" main page, you can now to begin by adding your show's basic information. (main image, show name & description)

  • Upload the desired image for your show, (something that relates well with the show's content)
    • Once you have selected and uploaded an image, POST 
      • will prompt you to make any desired adjustments to the image at this time, 
      • recommends that the image be no larger than "1400 X 1400", once satisfied with your final image, and finally
      • Click "SAVE" to continue and begin adding episodes to your newly created show.
SHOWS - SHOWS - Cropping main image

Pencil Edit ToolNote: you can make edits to an existing SHOW at any time by using the Pencil tool, this opens New POST SHOWS editing feature.  


Clicking the “NEW EPISODE” button:

Opens the "Create Episode for Gardening with Toni" page, you can now begin adding episodes to your newly created show. 

SHOWS - Adding "New Episode"

Adding Episode Content

There are two methods of adding audio:

  1. Uploading an audio file, or
  2. Building an audio file.

Uploading audio tools

Uploading Audio File using the "Browse" method...

Upload audio fileSelect the "Browse" option to upload a file from pre-produced audio files, or skip to the "Build" feature in order to build an episode from the broadcast audio in POST.
Once you have selected the audio file, you will receive a confirmation message that "Your Audio is Processing".
  1. Click "Preview" to (review/delete) the audio file.
Note: The audio file can not be modified from this area.
Your Audio is Processing message

Preview Audio

Making Edits to Existing Show - Edit Mode

Pencil - Edit ToolSelecting the Pencil "Edit" tool opens the show in edit mode. 

Show - Edit Mode

Edit Mode - Tools:

"Upload Image"Clicking the "Upload an Image" will allow you to choose a different image, or select a new image.

SHOW Edit mode - DeleteClicking “Delete” will remove the show and all its episodes. (this is permanent and can not be reversed). POST will ask you to confirm that you wish to delete all episodes from the current show.

Deletion confirmation

  1. Click "YES" to continue deleting the show and all episodes. (This is not reversible)
  2. Click "NO" to return to edit mode without deleting.
CancelShow Edit mode - CancelClicking “Cancel” closes the edit screen and returns you to the main show page without saving your edits.
SaveEditing Show - Save option
Clicking “Save” will save changes and return you to the SHOWS main page.

Adding Audio Files using the "Build" method... 

To begin building your audio file you will need to search, and organize your broadcast audio files.

  • Select or enter a date and time frame to pull your relevant audio files that fall within the chosen criteria, in addition, you can search by title and filter those files by audio type: (music, talk break, station imaging, or commercials)
  • Now that you have all relevant files gathered in the Build area, you will need to add them to the "Audio Builder", in order to render the final audio file, moving audio files can be done individually or as a group.
ArrowClick the "Arrow",  from the audio file you wish to move, this moves the audio file to the "Audio Builder" playlist area, or
Move All to Audio Builder

You can move all the filtered audio files together by selecting "Move All to Audio Builder".

You can clear the audio files in Audio Builder by selecting the "Clear" option. POST will ask you to confirm that you are sure you wish to clear the Audio Builder, (this function cannot be reversed).
Save and Continue
  • Once you are satisfied with your Your Audio is Processingselected audio files, click "Save & Continue" to begin processing

your audio file.

  • POST will give you the options to "Preview"  or "Skip" the preview.
Editing Pencil Tool
Keep in mind you can make changes to the audio file at any time using the editing "Pencil" tool.

SHOWS - Build Audio File

  • Clicking "Save & Continue" moves you to the "Create Episode..." page, this area allows you to:
Clicking the Play, allows you to review the complete audio file.
Clicking "Edit in Audio Builder" opens the audio file using "Audio Builder".
Delete Audio file
Clicking "Delete", removes t the audio file and allows to rebuild the audio file.
Next Step
Continue to the "Next Step" to begin adding (tags, and episode Title & Description)
  • Now that you have made final modifications to the audio file, it is time to add the episode "Tags" and "Title & Description". Place a check in each tag you wish to assign to this episode, if the tag you need is not available, select the "ADD" button to add a single-use tag. ADDING TAGS
  • Once you are satisfied with your assigned tags, title and description for this episode select "Next Step" to continue.

Episode Title/Description and Tags

Episode - Adding a Social Media Image

To add an image to your episode, click the "Change" button under the default image and upload an image, or select a licensed image. If you do not upload or select a licensed image, the default image will appear in your podcast. 

If you do not "Upload or Select" a licensed image for the new episode, the default image will display, keep in mind an image is required to continue to the next step. 

Finally, select the export location for the podcast. Choose your station website, RSS feeds or Social Media. You can also choose to create a video file of your podcast. 

Publishing Episode

Great Work...! If you wish, you can immediately publish the episode, schedule the episode to be published at a later date and time or save the episode as a draft. 

Save Episode

Once you publish an episode, you can review, un-publish, or edit the episode from the show page.  This is also the location for downloading your video when it's ready. 


 This concludes the article related the New POST - SHOWS

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