New POST - Settings

This article is part of a four-part series that covers the POST menu:

Upon completion of the article you will be able to:

  • Add/ Edit Users from User Management,
  • Sort/Edit shows from Lineup Planner, and
  • Create/Edit shows from Connections.

POST - Settings (User Management)

POST - Settings

User Management - Adding User

User Management - Add User

  • Click the "+Add Userand complete the user information, 
    • Assign the user a "Password, Access Level and Stations Available" to the user access. 

Note: Use the "Edit" feature to "Disable" a user. 

Settings - User Management (Add user)Settings - User Management -  Edit User

Lineup Planner - POST Planner

POST Planner is a feature that assists in auto-filling day-part specific default within POST. These defaults include  (Title, Description, Tags, Program Images and Social Media Export) options. Defaults can be scheduled by clicking the Lineup Planner.

Settings - Lineup Planner

Step 1 - Click "Edit Defaults" or "New Show" to modify the shows dates and recurring times, this opens the "Edit Show" page allowing you to set specific dates and times for your show.

Settings - Lineup Planner (Edit Show)POST Planner - Edit Defaults/Creating New Show

POST Planner, will display a weekly calendar with the current week displayed. New programs can be added either by clicking on a time of day, clicking the "Edit Defaults", or the"New Show" button. 

Note: Prior to setting up specific Day Part defaults, we recommend setting the "Global Station Defaults" by selecting "Edit Defaults".

POST Planner - Edit Defaults

EDIT DEFAULTS - Setting Global Defaults

Step 2 - Default text, includes the Show's "Title" and "Description", once you are satisfied with the default text, click "Next" to continue.

Step 3 -  Setting a default photo allows you to set a graphic for a specific day-part. (Optional). 

  • The default image should be rectangular, with a (2:1 ratio) which will be used on Facebook, Twitter and within the Web Widget.
    • The square image is optional, however, if specified it can be used by iTunes and other RSS feeds. POST recommends that an image be a minimum size of  (1400 X 1400)

Default Photos


Selecting either the "Edit Defaults" or "New Show" will display a  four-step process:

Step 1 - Set the "Date and Time" and "Recurring" schedule of the show (this applies to the Show Defaults only).

Defaults - Create or Edit ShowCreate or Edit Show - Default Text

Step 2 - Setting "Default Text", this screen lets you set the Show's default (Title, Description, Tags) for the specified day-part. These tags are used as hashtags on Twitter and can also be used to filter content within the web widget.

Lineup Planner - Create or Edit ShowCreate or Edit Show - Default Photo

Step 3 - Setting a default photo, this step allows you to set a default image for that specific day-part. (Optional).

  • The default image should be rectangular, with a (2:1 ratio) which will be used on Facebook, Twitter and within the Web Widget. 
    • The square image is optional, however, if specified it can be used by iTunes and other RSS feeds. It must be a minimum size of  (1400 X 1400)

Lineup Planner - Default Photo

Social Media 

Step 4 -  Configure social media, website and RSS export options:

  • The options setup here will determine which export options that are available within POST for the specified day-part. This can be used to configure Facebook, and Twitter accounts that may be specific to a Morning Show, or to create a Web Widget specific to that program.  
  • Custom pre-roll and post-roll bumpers can also be set up for the day-part, making it easy to sponsor clips from specific shows.
Note: For additional information on configuring export options, refer to Managing Toggle Options.

Default Post Options

  • Once you are satisfied with your settings, select the "Done" button, this displays the Calendar view, where you can review your newly created show. 

In addition to creating a program schedule, POST Planner can also be used to create sub-features within a show. 

For example, a morning show may have a regular feature that activates between the hours of 6:am and 10:am each day. These features can also be pre-populated with defaults in the same way as a show. 

  • To create a sub-feature, click the "Show", then "New Feature" and follow the same process as setting up a new show.


Creating and/or Editing a Show Connections allows you to:

  • Edit social media default setting for the show.


Edit Face Book Page Connection defaults

Editing Face Book Page Connections

        Edit Twitter Connection defaults

Editing Twitter Connection Default

Edit RSS Feed defaults

Edit RSS Feed Defaults

Edit Web page defaults

Edit Web Page defaults

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