New POST - Analytics

This article is part of a four-part series that covers the POST menu:

Upon completion of this article you will be able to:

  • Interpret the information covered in each page of the Analytics tab of POST (Shows, Episodes, Countries, Platforms, Reports).

Before you begin, analyzing information, you will need to set the criteria for the analysis, enter a "Date" and select the "Shows" you wish to analyze. 

New POST - Analytics

In this example we will use the following perimeters to analyze data from the ANALYTICS section of POST:

  • "Previous Month",
  • "Futuri Test Page" and "News RSS feed"

Now that you have set the analysis criteria, each tab will reflect the information that matches your assigned criteria.

Analytics for SHOWS -  Displays show specific analytics (Number of show, Downloads, and Reach).  

POST - Analytics

Analytics for EPISODES - Displays episode-specific analytics (Number of Episodes, Downloads, and Reach).  

Analytics - Episodes

Analytics for COUNTRIES - Displays analytics by country (Total number of Countries, Total Downloads, Reach).

Analytics - Countries

Analytics for PLATFORMS - Displays Downloads by Platform analytics(Total Platforms, Total Downloads, Reach).

ANALYTICS - Platforms

Analytics for REPORTS - The Reports tab displays monthly analytics (Shows, Total Downloads, Reach).


This concludes the article related to the Analytics portion of New POST - Analytics.  Please see this article for a deeper dive into the data available in POST analytics.

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