POST: Troubleshooting Stream Outages on Gen 3 Transmitters

The purpose of this article is to walk Futuri Streaming customers through the common troubleshooting steps for a streaming outage.

Internet Outages

The most common reason for a streaming outage is a lack of internet connectivity. If you have multiple stations in your building that are experiencing outages, this is likely the cause.

It's possible that your internet connection would be fast enough to browse to basic websites, but not fast enough to support your stream since browsing to a website like Google doesn't use much network data compared to streaming audio. If you're able to pull up websites, you may want to run a speed test on the network using one of the following sites:

If your streaming transmitters are on a separate network from the other computers in your building, try connecting another computer to that network and seeing whether you're able to browse to external websites (and get a good result from a speed test). If you are using a device with wifi, please shut it off to ensure you are testing the correct network. If the internet is not functioning or is not fast enough to support your stream, you'll want to reset your router or contact your ISP.

Device Reboot

If you've determined that internet connectivity is not the source of the problem, your next step would be to reboot the streaming transmitter by disconnecting power, waiting 5 seconds, and then re-connecting.

After rebooting the streaming transmitter, the LCD screen should light up within 60 seconds, and the light on the power brick should be glowing. If not, there may be an issue with the hardware and you should contact Futuri VIP Support for assistance.

Advanced Diagnostics

If the internet connection is working and the device appears to be lit appropriately, the next step is to plug in a keyboard and monitor to the back of the streaming transmitter for some advanced diagnostics.

If you're using a PS/2 keyboard, you may need to reboot the device again after connecting the keyboard. If you're using a USB keyboard (for newer transmitters), a second reboot shouldn't be necessary. If your streaming transmitter has multiple USB ports, we recommend using the black USB port when connecting a keyboard. Connecting a mouse should not be necessary.

Once your keyboard and monitor are connected, press the shift key to clear the splash screen and see this screen:

Then, press enter on Line 1 and see the following screen:

There are a few important things to check at this stage:

  • Is the interface "UP"?
  • Is the IP address reasonable? If it's, that generally means the DHCP connection was not successful.
  • Is the ping of the default gateway "OK"?

If everything looks correct on that screen, go back to the main menu, and hit Option 4 (to ping the StreamOn server by hostname). If this step works, Futuri VIP Support can remote in and investigate further if there is still a problem.

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