Creating Custom Welcome & Goodbye Messages for Your Alexa Voice Skill

Grow brand affinity and revenue with your Futuri Voice Alexa Skill!

Why have Alexa greet your listeners when you can? With your Futuri Voice Alexa Skill, you can upload custom audio messages played when your skill is launched or exited or before on-demand content is played.  This is a great opportunity to present your brand's positioning or highlight a sponsor message.

The options for customized audio are:

  • A 5-10 second welcome message that your listeners hear every time they launch your station skill.
  • A 3-second goodbye message played when a listener asks the skill to stop.
  • A 5-10 second pre-roll that introduces the on-demand audio.

Adding Customized Audio to Your Alexa Skill

  1. If you are updating an existing skill, first contact VIP Support to have your asset collection form unlocked.
  2. Once the form is unlocked, log into your Control Room dashboard.
  3. Go to Alexa Skills>Asset Collection in the side menu.
  4. Upload your audio in the appropriate section noted below:
    Audio Assets > Welcome Message
    Audio Assets > Goodbye Message
    On-Demand > Recorded Pre-Roll
  5. Click the play button to preview your uploaded audio.
  6. When finished, click the Save button at the bottom and then the Submit to Futuri button at the top to make the changes live.

Examples of Customized Audio

Here are some examples of how stations have taken advantage of this branding opportunity.

Example of on-air talent welcome message

Example of a branded welcome message 

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