POST Features - PPM Encoded Logger

With the PPM Encoded Logger option in the all new POST, it's easy for you to quickly download audio, transcribe an audio clip, edit audio and more. This makes it perfect for the Sales Assistants, Sales Managers, Producers, and Programmers to use for pulling air-checks for talent management, clients, promos and more!

Upon completion of this article you will be able to:

  • Filter, Search existing media.
  • Edit existing media.

Get started by clicking the PPM ENCODED LOGGER option from POST's navigation bar, this displays the PPM Encoded Logger page with a complete list of existing media. 

You can filter audio by date, time, content type, or search by title.


ALL, displays all media files. 
Music, displays all music files.
Talk, displays all talk files.
Imaging, displays all Imaging files.
Commercials, displays all commercial files.

  • Edit files by click the pencil icon to open our POST Editor.  

  • Download edited audio directly from the editor.

  • In addition, you can download unedited audio directly from the audio segment by clicking the download icon.

To transcribe an audio clip, select the transcription icon.

  • Enter the email address where you would like the transcription sent and click submit.  You may send it to more than one email.  Once the transcription is complete, you will receive the transcription via email.

You can also grab your transcription in POST.  When the transcription is complete, the icon will turn black.  Click the icon to copy and paste your transcription into a document.

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