TopicPulse Instant Video - Editing Individual Scenes

Topic Pulse Instant Video gives you complete control over your videos, including the ability to edit each individual scene in a video before publishing.

1) Choose a video and click Rebrand, then click on “Edit.”

2) Choose the Media icon from the left sidebar.

3) You can change the duration of the video in a scene by changing the numbers above the scene. 

Note:  Changing the times for individual scenes may affect the overall flow of the video.

4) Also, above each scene, the play button will allow you to preview only that scene. The circle will disappear from around the play button (as shown below) when the preview is ready. 

Note:  When making edits, scenes may take some time to load.

5) The speaker icon will allow you to mute audio for the individual scene. The media edit icon (pencil) will allow you to crop the image or trim the scene if it is a video.  The trash can icon will delete the media from your full video.

6) On the right side of the page, there are three icons. 

  • The first will allow you to edit the text of the story. For more on that, see our article on Changing Text and Subtitles in TopicPulse Video.
  • The third will allow you to format the text, including text, font, and scene filters.
  • The middle icon (selected below) will allow you to swap out individual pictures and videos.

7) From here, in the search tab, you can input search terms. You can also select images, videos, and/or GIFS. 

Editorial media is primarily news images and videos. Creative media is comprised of stock images, stock videos, and GIFs. 

8) The My Media tab will allow you to upload files from your computer, or access previously uploaded files.  These are also categorized by images, videos and GIFs. 

9) Finally, the project tab will display all media used in your video.

10) When you have made all of your desired changes, you can save your progress, preview your entire video, and eventually publish it. 

Note: The more changes you make to scenes, the longer the preview and publishing processes will take.

 11) Once you’ve published your video, it’s ready to share!  More info on sharing is here.

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