ATS (SSL) with iOS Apps

Starting in 2017, Apple has enforced the use of ATS during App Store approval.

What is ATS?

App Transport Security, or ATS, is an iOS feature that forces an app to connect to web services over an HTTPS connection rather than HTTP.

Why is ATS beneficial?

ATS keeps user data secure by encrypting it. This prevents accidental disclosure and is part of a larger movement to secure data as it travels online.

You’ll often see "https" appear in your browser when logging into your banking or email accounts. However, mobile apps aren’t as transparent with users about the security of their web connections, and it can be hard to tell whether an app is connecting securely via HTTPS or HTTP.

Why is this required?

Apple is enforcing the use of ATS beginning in 2017. Any app updates will be subject to this requirement during the App Store review process.*

* Certain exceptions may be permissible but will require individual justification. Talk with a Futuri rep for more info, if necessary.

What do I need to do?

Your stream URL, including any on-demand streams or podcasts, may need to be converted to SSL by your streaming provider. If you use Futuri for streaming, this is already done for you.

Contact Futuri VIP Support if you need a list of the URLs that may need to be made SSL compliant for your station(s).

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