Don’t just count the people, talk to the people who count!

1.    How to get the most out of Real-Time Category Trends.

  • Use Real Time Category Trends for PROSPECTING - Scroll through to see what is trending in pop culture and in business.  There could be opportunities to start a conversation with prospects you’ve been pursuing or as a mechanism to reach out and nurture leads that have gone cold.

  • Use Real Time Category Trends to BUILD CREDIBILITY - let your customers know that you are always looking for information that could help them grow their business.  They will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to share valuable information.


2.    What’s the difference between TopLine Insights and Infographics/Presentations?

Insights: The ideal choice for communicating consumer research quickly and at-a-glance.  This option is most appreciated by time-starved Media Buyers and Marketing Directors that are looking for information to help them make good decisions based on qualitative data.  These are delivered to you as PPT and PDF so you can easily edit and quickly share with your customers.

Infographics:  Use this option when you want to reinforce the compatibility of your listeners and your prospects’ and customers’ consumers.  These quality pieces are fully designed by professional graphic artists and are intended to tell the story of how your listeners are the perfect match to build your customer's’ business.  Infographics are delivered as PDF’s for quick and easy sharing, and they look terrific when printed.

Presentations:  You invest considerable time uncovering and understanding specific needs and marketing problems; TopLine presentations are fully designed by professional graphic artists to artfully communicate the solutions you are presenting.  These multi-page presentations are prepared on your station/cluster templates and include all the qualitative research to help you drive home the benefits an advertiser reaps when engaging your listeners.  You simply add the marketing plan and schedule, everything else is ready to present.


3.    How to request a strong positioning piece through TopLine for Managers.

  • Category One-Sheets:  Are intended to reflect expertise and business acumen within specific business categories by highlighting key stats and trends that are driving business.

  • Signature Events:  Use one-sheets to quickly communicate the highlights of station/cluster events.

  • Demographic Strengths:  If your stations/cluster deliver a specific demographic or ethnic population  better than your competition, One-Sheets will provide very specific information to reinforce your ability to deliver these segments.  

  • It’s as easy as 1,2,3, 4.  You fill in four fields, we’ll do the rest.

    • Title

    • Objective

    • Position you want to communicate

    • Stations to include

Your sellers will quickly and masterfully position your most valuable assets.

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