Topic Lists

Topic Lists are a new feature with TopicPulse v3.0 that simplify your prep and planning. You can use custom Topic Lists to organize your newscast, show or digital content.

Topic Lists are shared across your organization (usually your individual station), so your whole team can work together to plan which topics you'll cover during your broadcast (or even just earmark topics for coverage on social or digital).

To create a Topic List, click Topic Lists on the left side of the Pulse page. Then, at the bottom of the Topic Lists window select, Manage Lists to create a "List Group" and some individual "Lists" for that List Group. For example, you could create a List Group called "5PM Newscast" and Lists within that Group called "A Block," "B Block," etc. It is worth noting that every Topic List Group has to have at least one List inside it.

Once you've created your Topic List, you can easily drag stories from the main Pulse screen into the proper List. As stories' statuses change (i.e. from "Trending" to "Flat"), those status changes are reflected in the Topic List, so you can make sure that the stories you planned earlier in the day are still relevant to your audience later when you're about to put the show together.

Topic Lists are shared to all users in your organization, and you can also easily print your Topic Lists (at the bottom right corner of the page) to share them among your team if needed.

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