TopicPulse Categories & Tags

TopicPulse Categories

Each topic is automatically labeled as Hot, Trending, New, Flat, or Stop so you know what your audience cares about.

  • Hot means there is strong interest for this topic.
  • Trending means there is a decent level of interest for this topic, but that it's not quite as viral as a "Hot" topic.
  • Flat means the topic is either brand new to the system, or is now measuring at a lower level of interest than it had been previously and is likely to be considered "old news" by your audience.
  • Stop means the topic has been flat for several hours.

The trajectory of the topic can be seen visually with each story’s Growth graph. Here, it shows how long the particular topic has been in the system and how it’s grown on social media over time. For example, below is a topic that became "Hot" and later "Trending," but then leveled off to "Flat" a few days later. Note that once users share something online, it is essentially "out there" forever, so rather than the graph returning to zero, it will just level out over time:

For more information on the trajectory of topics in TopicPulse, see "How we determine what's trending."

Tags in TopicPulse

TopicPulse has several tags that may be displayed in next to topics.

Tag IconTag NameTag Explanation
NewThe topic has just recently been added to TopicPulse.
Low News Coverage (formerly "Gap")The topic has high engagement on social, but not many media outlets (tv, radio, newspapers) have covered it yet.
About To Go ViralThe topic is predicted to go viral based on the engagement trends we're seeing with it so far.
Topic ListThe topic is part of a Topic List.

Topics with each of these tags will be displayed with the rest of the topics on the Pulse page.

The "New," "Low News Coverage," and "About To Go Viral" tags can be toggled on and off at the top of the page. See TopicPulse filtering / highlighting for more information.

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