Troubleshooting Streaming Player Issues

Below are some of the most common problems that users may experience when streaming radio online.


  • Audio Issues - Check to see whether sound is working on your computer by playing another audio source (such as a YouTube video). If no sound is being produced, check that your computer speakers are working.
  • Internet Issues- If the audio works most of the time, but "cuts out" sometimes, it is possible that your computer or network is doing too much at once or that you have internet connection/speed issues.
    • You can try rebooting your computer and/or closing other programs or browser tabs to help with this.
    • You can also run a speed test at to ensure good internet connectivity. If a speed test shows negative results, you can power cycle your router or contact your internet provider.
  • Browser Issues - We recommend Google Chrome for the best listening experience. Google Chrome can be downloaded here.


  • Internet Issues- If you are running too many processes or browser tabs, audio can begin to cut out or buffer more often.
    • You may be in a low-reception area, or connected to poor WiFi. You can run a speed test with the free SpeedTest mobile app to check your internet connectivity. If a speed test shows negative results, you may need to try again when your device has better reception.
    • Try closing all browser tabs and/or re-booting your device.
    • You may also want to try closing other apps that you're not using. Instructions for closing apps can be found here:
  • Browser Issues- Some mobile browsers don't support the high efficiency audio needed for streaming, so we recommend using either the Safari or Google Chrome browser apps.
    • Extended listening sessions in a web browser can also start to cut out after a while. If the radio station has a mobile app, that may perform better than listening in a browser app. If the radio station does not have an app, you should be able to listen with the free TuneIn Radio app.

If none of these suggestions have fixed your problem, please contact Futuri VIP Support for assistance.

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