Classic POST Features - Transcribing and Searching Live Audio in POST

POST allows you to transcribe live and recorded audio, making your live breaks searchable. If you are interested in adding transcription to your POST agreement, contact Sales at (877) 221-7979 for additional information. Transcription allows you to easily search for live audio clips by keyboard.

Live search allows you to...

  • Search live audio.
  • Create air checks of live commercial reads to clients.
  • Provide "Scripts" of live reads to clients.
  • Transcribe programs for listeners.
  • Quickly find live.

By default POST will transcribe all live talk breaks, recorded commercials, station promos and imaging. POST does not transcribe songs.

To search live content by keyword, select the date, audio type, such as live or commercial and key word that you want to use for your search.

POST live or commercial key word

In addition, you have the ability to narrow the time frame of the search.

Filter Option

POST will pull all the audio clips that include the key word you searched for into the POST timeline.

Keyword Search

From here you can edit and/or download your audio, to view the text transcription of the selected audio, click the "View Talk Track" link on the audio segment. This displays the audio text, and allows you to copy/paste the text into a word document for your clients and/or listeners.

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