Adding Podcasts to Google Podcasts

Adding your Podcast to Google Podcast: (This process will require a team member to have access to your website to complete the "Submission")

This process is best completed via Classic POST:

Step 1 - Create the RSS:

  • From POST planner, click "Edit Defaults" at the top right of the page.  Then navigate to option 4, "POST Options".
  • Select "Edit RSS Feeds".
  • Create the RSS feed for Google Podcasts.
  • Copy the URL for the RSS feed. You can find the URL by clicking "get url" next to the feed.
  • In the URL, Change "RSS" to "Googleplay".

Important: Forward the URL for the podcast web page in an email to, be sure to include your stations call letters, and make note that the email relates to a Google Podcast RSS feed.

Note: This is the RSS that you use to submit Google Podcasts, before you submit the RSS to Google, you must have at least one episode in the feed. 

Step 2 - Submit to Google Podcast you will require assistance from a member of your team who has "Admin" access to your website. In order to submit to Google Podcasts, you will need to add two lines of code in addition to the RSS feed mentioned earlier. 

  • Link from your RSS feed to your website: the first link needs to go on your homepage, this will link from your homepage to your podcast's RSS feed. Insert this code and update the "Title and href".
  • Link from your website to your RSS feed:  you will now need to add a line of code that will link your RSS feed back to your website. (this validates both your site and the podcasts) Insert this code at the top of your RSS feed with your sites URL:

When the Podcast gets Listed

The only thing left to do is wait. There’s no official submission method, so making sure Google can pick up and recognize your podcast easily is the best way to get it on the app. Sometimes this can take a few days, sometimes a few weeks, it just depends on how long it takes for Google’s bot to find your podcast.

To speed things up a bit, you could manually submit the page to Google as well by going here.

Tips: To drive more traffic to your podcast from your site, Google recommends adding a button to your site with the Google Podcasts application logo that opens directly to your podcast in the application. You have the ability to generate a direct link to crate the link URL by clicking here. For a link to traffic FAQ from Podnews click here. In addition, Podnews has a video explaining how Google Podcast works from your listener's perspective, click here.

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