Classic POST Features - Show Analytics in POST

NOTE: To review IAB compliant data, it is recommended that all analytics now be pulled from new POST.

POST allows you to view a number of plays for each episode for any time period that you select. You have the option to review single or multiple shows. You can also review data for time periods as short as one day, multiple weeks or months.  In addition, you can download your analytics report into a spreadsheet to share with your station's Sales, Digital team or Air Talent.

To generate a custom analytics report in POST.

Step 1 - Select the "Analytics" tab at the top right of the POST screen.


Step 2 - From the analytics page, use the "Show" drop down menu to select the show you want to generate the report for. (These shows are setup for POST Planner)

Step 3 - Select the start and end dates for the report.

Step 4 - Select the connection type (All, Facebook, Twitter or RSS).

Step 5 - Click "Apply", this will open your report in chronological order.


The report includes the following:

  • The Show Title
  • the Playlist Name
  • The episode Description
  • The Playlist Hits (number of plays)
Play list detail

The top of the page, will display the Total Hits (plays) for the select episodes related to a select time frame, select the Download option to generate a report in the form of a spreadsheet. 

Download option

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