POST Features - Web Widget Player Options

This article will cover how POST gives you the ability to have multiple pages of content inside your POST Web Widget. You can make large amounts of content available to your listeners without slowing the load time of your website. In addition, POST gives you the option of having your content play directly from the web widget or you can play it in a separate Pop-up player.  

Step 1 - To setup our widget for multiple pages and embedded player, go to POST Planner and get the embed code for the webpage.

Step 2 - Select the following preferences:

  • Choose a (Light or Dark) theme
  • Do you prefer a pop-up player? (the default is in the embedded player)
  • Select how many episodes you want available.
  • Do you want the episodes to show on multiple pages?

Step 3 - Select how many episodes you want to be displayed on each page and select the "Copy to Clipboard" button to copy the code and paste it onto your website.

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