Adding Podcasts to Apple Podcasts (iTunes)

This article will cover the steps used in posting to Apple Podcasts (iTunes). Apple is the 800-pound gorilla in on-demand and podcast audio consumption. With POST, it is easy to get your content on their platforms. A few minutes of setting up the RSS feeds in POST Planner can save you countless hours in the future, allowing you to reach new audiences for your content. 

Step 1 - In Classic POST, go to the POST Planner screen and select "Edit Defaults"

Step 2 - Navigate to POST Options (option 4)

Step 3 -  Click "Edit RSS Feeds" and enter and save your information.

Step 4 - Once saved, toggle to the new iTunes RSS feed to the on position.

Step 5 - Click "Get URL" and copy the URL then submit it via iTunes Connect, you will need to sign in to Podcasts Connect on iTunes Connect to validate, submit, and manage your podcasts on the iTunes Store.  Click Here for more information related to the iTunes Connect and your Podcast.

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