Classic POST - Editing & Sharing Audio

This article will cover the method of sharing audio from POST (Classic):

Upon completion of this article you will be able to...

  • Locate bookmarked talk breaks
  • Edit audio files
  • Insert audio before (and/or) after existing audio clips
  • Add/edit metadata for audio files
  • Download/share audio files

While you are "On Air", you can bookmark talk breaks using the green button. If you select the green button during a talk break or immediately after you have completed a break, that break will be bookmarked. The bookmarks are organized by time and will assist you in locating the talk breaks later in POST.  

Classic POST - Dashboard

Editing audio:

When POST initially loads, a list of all recent talk breaks will be displayed on the left side of the page. Another method of viewing a talk breaks that you have flagged using the green "Break Button" would be to click the bookmark icon, this will display the audio file in greater detail. 

  • Select the portion of audio you intend to share, preview (and/or) trim.

Once you have selected a piece of audio, you have the ability to edit that file. POST's audio editing feature includes multiple audio editing features including inserting audio clips before (and/or) after an existing audio clip.


File - Download

Allows the user to adjust the audio files...
  • Metadata,
  • Encoding quality,
  • Bitrate

Audio Export
Audio Editing Tool - Download
Edit File
The Edit feature allows the user to perform the following edits to the selected audio file.
  • Undo a crop
  • Redo 
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Paste over
  • Delete and crossfade 
  • Crop audio
  • Trim audio silences
  • Convert the audio file to mono
  • Convert the audio file to Stereo
Audio Editing Tool - Edit file

The Select feature allows the user to...

  • Select the entire audio clip
  • Deselect the audio clip
  • Move to the Start of the audio clip
  • Move to the End of the audio clip
  • Set the selection starting position
  • Set the selection ending position
Audio Editing Tool - Select
The Audio feature allows the user to...
  • Loop Playback
  • Move the cursor back after playing the audio clip
  • Choose the Audio Engine (jPlayer HTML, WebSocket + Flash Mp3 decoder, jPlayer flash)
The Effects feature allow the user to...
  • Amplify the selected audio clip
  • Normalize the selected audio clip
  • Fade In the selected audio clip
  • Fade Out the selected audio clip
  • Loop and Crossfade the selected audio clip
  • Silence the audio clip
  • Insert a section of silence to the selected audio clip
  • Play the audio clip in reverse
  • Invert the Polarity of the audio clip
  • Remove the DC Offset
  • Change the Pitch and Speed of the audio clip
  • Convert the Sampling Rate of the audio clip
The View feature allows the user to...
  • View the entire sound clip
  • Center the screen on the Cursor
  • Zoom to the selected audio clip


After you have selected the audio file that you intend to share, you can enter the following information related to the audio file: (title, description, tags, and choose an image to go with the post).
The following image options are available when choosing and using an image:

  • Station Logo - This is the default image for each post.
  • Licensed Images - Futuri has a licensed Shutter stock library for use in POST, allowing you to search its database of photos in order to locate something appropriate to your post.
  • Upload - In addition, you can choose a photo from your computer to upload and use with your post.
  • Once you have chosen a photo, you will have the opportunity to make adjustments. All photos will be cropped to a (2:1 aspect ratio) to ensure they present well on all platforms.

POST - adding Metadata

Choosing where to export your post:

Finally, you will choose where to share the audio file. These options may vary based on the station's configuration, but the general default options available are as follows:

  • Facebook fan pages,
  • Twitter accounts,
  • A POST widget on your station's website, and
  • RSS feeds (for iTunes or other outlets)

For assistance setting up any of these export options for the first time, please contact Futuri VIP Support for assistance. Once you have chosen the locations where you want to share your audio file click the green "POST" button, and you're done!

 Editing your audio after the file has been published:

If you need to edit your audio after it's been published, you can do so from the POST/Management page. See our POST Management Screen article for more information.

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