TV Alarm Clock App Overview

This article is an overview of the features of Futuri Mobile's TV Alarm Clock App. These features are only available for stations with the TV Alarm Clock App.

For information on the Alarm Clock feature in Futuri Mobile radio apps, click here.

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Art assets and colors

Before your app is first built, Futuri VIP Support will provide you with a link to an Initial App Setup form, which will allow you to fill out the various art assets (background graphics, homescreen icons, splash screens, station logos, etc) for your TV Alarm Clock App. For more information on the Initial App Setup process, click here.

Art assets (such as homescreen icons, splash screens, and background images) are built into your TV Alarm Clock App and are downloaded onto the user's device when the app is installed so they can be accessed with or without an internet connection. Because of this, a change to native assets will require a rebuild of your app and are not designed to be changed temporarily for contesting or short-term promotions. Remember, after we rebuild your app and submit it to Apple, there is a 7-10 day review process before those changes go live.